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So good for wind

My baby was suffering from wind and feeling uncomfortable. He also was not producing the outputs that he should for his age. We put him on this product and everything regulated. He is a much happier baby.

Phoebe O’Donnell
Comforting for parents and Goodness for babies

Used this with my baby as soon as it came out. Such an easy way of knowing you’re getting so much goodness into them that they need at that stage. Loved it and now on to the multi vitamins powder and always use the Vitamin D drops

Natasha Lunn
Reassuring and easy to give

After my baby's viral infection and reflux, I was relieved to discover this powder. She took it easily too, which was something I was worried about. It has lovely branding as well!

Loulua Zawawi
Helped my confidence

The multibiotic truly comforted me knowing I am adding strength into my little ones body. She has been exclusively breastfed, until this week when I decided to introduce formula. Knowing that I am combination feeding them and having the multibiotic is very comforting

Samantha Rabone
My 10 month old loves taking the multibiotic

Although I’m unsure if I see much benefit as of yet, my 10 month old loves being given his multibiotic! He suffers with reflux and has a hard time with his digestive system but I believe I’ve seen an improvement since using them.