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Bawanee Harrison
Good product

I’ve been using Baba West products since my twins were 4 months old. I especially like the packaging for 0-12 months for ease of use but of course may not be as environmentally friendly as I’d like it to be. Now they are 14 months old, we’ve been using the 12 month and above product. My only concern with this is the design of the spoon. It’s not ideal and makes it very difficult to use and I worry if the dosage I’m giving is too much or too little. Would be nice to rethink the spoon design. Also reading the reviews on here I worry if the reduce dosage is the right amount needed for my children. I’d recommend this product because I know my children find this palatable compared to the liquid type multi vitamins.

Miriam Cooper
Longstanding Customer

I have been using the Multivitamin and Multi-biotic Powder for many years now. I just sprinkle it over fresh berries or yogurt in the mornings. My kids love the taste of it and it is an incredibly easy part of our daily routine, that I know is doing them good.

Azra Rashid
Price increase and not the same product

Not only has the price gone up, but the product isn’t the same. Ingredients have been reduced. Such a shame.

Easy to use but not happy with price increase

I have been using this for a while and it is easy to mix with yogurt or milk to ensure all necessary vitamins etc are digested without fuss. However, it was previously available in a 3 month container and it is a lot more expensive in the new monthly size.

Good product high price

Really great product. I do have a few thoughts on the price and packaging though. I bought the exact equivalent Zita west product for years for my daughter, the ingredients are exactly the same and it would last for 3 months instead of the above 1. The cost was £30. So the repackaging has meant the price has since doubled… 🙈. And buying for 1 monthly usage as opposed to 3 months usage (using for 2 kids now) is not ideal for environment or ease for consumer. If it weren’t for this, would have given it 5 stars as it has been a staple in our household since my daughter turned 1.