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Back to School Health: Supporting Your Child's Health and Immunity

Back to School Health: Supporting Your Child's Health and Immunity

As the new academic year commences, it's vital to give priority to our children's health and immunity.

Providing them with balanced nutrition can significantly strengthen their immune system.

Why Are Supplements Important?

  • Vitamin D: Known as the 'sunshine vitamin', Vitamin D plays a crucial role in bone health and boosting the immune system. While sunlight is a natural source, Vitamin D supplements can prove useful during cooler months or for kids who spend more time indoors.
  • Probiotics: Often referred to as 'good bacteria', probiotics can help maintain a healthy gut, also known as the body's 'second brain'. They aid in regulating the digestive system and boosting the immune system, making them a valuable addition to your child's diet.
  • Elderberry and Rosehip: Both of these ingredients are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C that can assist in combating infections. Including them in your child's diet, either directly or through multivitamins, can help in fortifying their immune system.
  • Multivitamins: While a balanced diet is key, multivitamins can help fill any nutritional gaps. They offer a broad range of essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring that your child gets all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and focused.

Practical Tips to Support Your Child's Health and Immunity

Here are some practical tips to implement these supplements into your child's daily routine:

  • Consider incorporating a daily multivitamin into your child's routine. Choose one that includes elderberry, rosehip, and Vitamin D for a comprehensive approach.
  • Introduce probiotics to your child's diet. You can do this through yogurts, fermented foods, or a childrens friendly bacteria supplement like our delicious Baba West Fruit Bears.
  • Boost your child's Vitamin D levels by encouraging them to spend time outdoors in the sunshine. However, whilst supplementation is recommended throughout just the winter months, consider supplementing all year round if you are in a climate where sun exposure is low, and your skin is frequently covered. Use of sun cream, as well as the colour of your skin impacts absorption rates.
  • Involve your children in meal planning and preparation. This can be a fun and educational way to discuss the importance of nutrition and how certain foods can boost their immunity.

Let's ensure our children's health is a part of our back-to-school preparation. Armed with the right nutrients, they will be ready to take on the new academic year!