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Breastfeeding Myths Debunked

Breastfeeding Myths Debunked

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week, we've taken the opportunity to address some common misconceptions about breastfeeding. Unravelling these myths can help support mothers in their breastfeeding journey and foster a better understanding of the process.

Myth 1: Breastfeeding is always easy and natural

Truth: Breastfeeding is a skill that both mother and baby need to learn. Some women might find breastfeeding easy from the start, but for others, it can take time, practice, and patience. It's okay to seek help from lactation consultants or healthcare professionals if you're struggling.

Myth 2: Breastfed babies need additional water

Truth: Breast milk provides all the necessary hydration for an infant. Giving additional water to a breastfed baby, particularly under six months of age, can dilute the nutrients they receive from breast milk and fill up their tiny stomachs, reducing their appetite for milk.

Myth 3: Breastfeeding will make your breasts sag

Truth: Breastfeeding does not cause breasts to sag. Age, gravity, and genes are responsible for these natural changes to the body.

Myth 4: Mothers must maintain a perfect diet to breastfeed

Truth: Although it's beneficial for breastfeeding mothers to maintain a balanced diet, occasional indulgences or unhealthy meals won't affect the quality of your breast milk. Your body prioritises producing nutritious milk for your baby.

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