Newborn Digestion and Sleep

Newborn Digestion and Sleep

Feeding and digestion has a knock on effect to all aspects of your newborn’s day, from digestive comfort and temperament, ability to stay awake and of course, sleep
Is colic linked to a baby's gut microbiome?

Is colic linked to a baby's gut microbiome?

Gut microbiome and baby colic If you have a baby suffering from colic, then being told it should ...
Make Your Own Treasure Basket

Make Your Own Treasure Basket

The idea of a treasure basket was first developed back in the 1980s when scientists realised that considering babies explore the world around them through all their senses, plastic isn’t a particularly stimulating material, as although it may look different it feels, tastes and smells the same so the treasure basket was designed to reintroduce natural materials through heuristic play.
Sleep and reflux

Sleep and Reflux with Alison Scott-Wright

We were lucky to have some time with the Alison Scott-Wright, the ‘Magic Sleep Fairy’, who is a l...
Baby Weaning Gut Health Baba West

How to look after your baby's gut health

Dr Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani, co-founder of Little Tummy and paediatrician talks to Baba West...
Mimi Chicken Soup Baba West Recipe

Mimi's Chicken Soup

Mimi’s Chicken Soup

"This is a really special recipe that reminds me of my experiences cooking as a mother. Both my daughter and son love this soup, which brings me such joy. I have made versions of this, for them both, since their journey with food began. The base of this soup is a beautiful homemade chicken stock; you just cannot replicate the flavour with a shop bought stock. The stock has to be the star of the dish.

Baba West Vitamin D for Babies


Why is vitamin D important for your baby’s health and development? Low levels of vitamin D are w...