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Baba West hosts first live event

Baba West hosts first live event

Zita and Leo from Baba West recently held our first ever in person event, and it was a great success! Zita talks us through the day:

"Hosting our first Baba West event at the Bamford Club with Leo was an absolute thrill. Our theme, "Mothers on the Run," set the tone for an empowering gathering. We kicked things off with a session on breathwork led by the incredible CJ from Bamford gym. I'll admit, standing in front of all those amazing women, showcasing my athletic skills, had me feeling a bit jittery, but I survived—and dare I say, thrived.

The highlight was undoubtedly our panel discussion featuring Dr. Federick Armanti, a scientist and nutritionist whose new book is set to release in January. What struck me most was Dr. Armanti's openness, knowledge, and the incredible way she simplifies complex scientific concepts. As a midwife with 40 years of experience, it's fascinating to see how our understanding of maternal and child health has evolved. Back when I was in training, mental health wasn't given the attention it deserves. My personal experience with postnatal depression led me on a journey of discovery, there was no Dr. Google" to understand more then!

What we've learned since then about the impact of stress, nutrition, on a babies development and a mother's well-being during pregnancy is astounding. The importance of the 1st 1000days on preconception through the first thousand days of a child's life has become increasingly clear. It's amazing to comprehend how factors like nutrition, love, bonding, and attachment play pivotal roles in shaping a child's development—not just physically but in brain and bone health too.

This newfound understanding is what drives me and Leo and the team . Our goal is to provide comprehensive support from conception through early childhood and beyond. We're thrilled to be adding to our range with a focus on nurturing health right from the start. There's something truly special about contributing to this holistic approach, ensuring that every stage of life receives the attention it deserves for optimal well-being."