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Is colic linked to a baby's gut microbiome?

Is colic linked to a baby's gut microbiome?

Gut microbiome and baby colic

If you have a baby suffering from colic, then being told it should be over the worst by 12 weeks doesn't feel too reassuring when you're trying to soothe a screaming baby!

While there are many theories about what causes colic, it can be even more frustrating that no one actually knows why some babies suffer from it, which also means there is no one 'cure' for colic.

Recently there has been more interest on the role of the gut microbiome and colic, and that the types of bacteria established at birth and in the first weeks of life might impact the development of colic and other gut symptoms.

An imbalance in the types of bacteria is now being linked to the development of colic, and a daily probiotic such as the Baba West Multibiotic Powder can help to rebalance your baby's delicate digestive system which in turn can help aid some of the causes of colic.

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