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Leonora's Easy Frittata

Leonora's Easy Frittata

The fridge was looking pretty bare this morning, but we did have some onions and courgettes left over, and a few tomatoes. We’ve always got plenty of eggs so I decided to throw together a frittata and this recipe could not be easier.


1 x onion

1 x piccolo courgette

1 x golden Delight courgette

1 x yellow pepper

2 x tomatoes

Handful of cherry tomatoes

handful of rocket

2 tablespoons rapeseed oil

8 x eggs

splash of brown rice milk (or any milk you may have)

handful of cheddar cheese



STEP 1: Heat up a griddle pan on high heat

STEP 2: Slice the courgettes

STEP 3: Place into the pan giving each side 2-3 mins then take off ready for later

STEP 4: Put two tablespoon of rapeseed oil in a wide frying pan

STEP 5: Dice one small onion and fry on a medium heat, for 4-5 mins

STEP 6: Thickly dice the pepper and tomatoes – and add to the pan for 5-6 minutes

STEP 7: Meanwhile whisk 8 eggs and a splash of brown rice milk (any milk)

STEP 8: Put on the grill at a high heat

STEP 9: Now layer the courgettes over the pepper mixture in the pan

STEP 10: Turn up the heat under the frying pan and pour in the egg mixture

Step 11: Place a handful of rocket on top and grate over the cheese

STEP 12: Once the frittata seams firm around the edge

STEP 13: Place under the grill until the cheese has melted and the mixture seems firm

(Beware the pan handle may be hot)

STEP 14: Flip out onto a board