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What makes our Fruit Bears different?

What makes our Fruit Bears different?

Your child’s gut microbiome is home to trillions of friendly bacteria, these bacteria have several important roles including –

  • Keeping them healthy. Kids will often be catching colds and coughs which can’t be avoided completely. But did you know that 70% of their immune system is located in their gut? This means it is constantly in contact with their gut bacteria and work to support the immune system.
  • Supporting their digestive system. Their gut bacteria are responsible for breaking down food and keep them regular
  • Making important vitamins like B and K.
  • Helping to digest our food

How can you nourish your kid’s gut mirobiome?

Making sure they are eating a range of plant based foods is one way you can nourish their gut microbiome. This includes fruits and vegetables, wholegrain carbohydrates, beans and pulses and nuts and seeds. However, we understand this is easier said than done.. why is why we introduced our Baba West Fruit Bears!

What makes Baba West Fruit Bear different?

Our Fruit Bears are made with the whole fruit, with no added sugar or artificial preservatives or flavours. As our Fruit Bears are made with the whole fruit it means they count towards one of your kids 5 a day!

The Fruit Bears are also high in fibre. Fibre is found in plant based foods and plays an important role in supporting bowel moments and acting as a food source for the friendly bacteria in their gut.

To make sure our Fruit Bears are giving your child all the gut support they need (whilst also being delicious!), we coated the Bears with a friendly bacteria called Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (BC30TM).

BC30 is a friendly bacteria that is commonly used in food and drink products due to its hardy nature to survive the manufacturing process. BC30 has been used in over 25 studies to support digestive and immune health in kids and adults (trust me, you will want to eat the Bears too!). 

What does the research say?

80 school children week recruited to see the effects of BC30TM on the frequency and severity of upper respiratory tract infections symptoms (URTI) and gastrointestinal symptoms. Half of the group had 1 billion BC30TM every day for 12 weeks, whilst the remaining half had a placebo (completely identical but without the BC30TM).

The children who took the BC30TM had a significant reduction in the incidence of flatulence and a positive effect on stool consistency. Daily intake of BC30TM also decreased the incidence of URTI symptoms, including nasal congestion, bloody nasal mucus, itchy nose and hoarseness, and the duration of hoarseness, headache, red eyes, and fatigue.