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Self-Care Tips For New Mums

Self-Care Tips For New Mums

Becoming a mum is a drastic change in routine that often leaves little time for self-care. It's important to acknowledge the struggles of being a new parent, such as sleep deprivation, infant bonding and the physical recovery of birth. It is also equally important to take care of yourself in this recovery period, as your well-being is crucial not just for you but for your little one too.

There are some ways to make time for yourself while balancing your babies needs:

  • Try to sleep when your baby sleeps, even if it means adjusting your routine.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask family or friends to help with the baby or household chores so you can rest.
  • Understand that it’s okay if your house isn’t spotless or if things don’t go as planned.
  • Recognise and appreciate the small achievements each day, whether it’s taking a shower or getting some fresh air.
  • Don’t try to do everything on your own. Let your partner, family, or friends take on some responsibilities.
  • Utilise community resources or support services available for new parents.

Here are some ways to nurture yourself amid the busy schedule of motherhood:

  • Soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts, essential oils like lavender, or a luxurious bath bomb. Light some candles and play calming music to create a serene atmosphere.

Try Baba West Restore & Renew Aromatherapy Bath Oil for Mum, an aromatherapy blend that is rich in lavender and can help soothe the perineum after labour. 

  • Use a hydrating or soothing face mask to refresh your skin. Consider masks with natural ingredients like honey or aloe vera for gentle care.

  • Give yourself a mini manicure or pedicure. Even just filing and painting your nails can make you feel more put-together.

  • Use scented lotions or oils to indulge your senses and add a touch of luxury to your routine.

  • Invest in soft, comfortable loungewear or pyjamas that make you feel good. A pair of plush slippers or a fluffy robe can add to your comfort.

Baba West Navy Organic Cotton Towelling Postnatal Two-piece is carefully crafted to deliver a cosy and stylish loungesuit to wear after giving birth. With zips to support breastfeeding for practicality.

  • Take some time to read a book or magazine that you enjoy. It can be a great escape and a way to unwind.

  • Spend a few minutes each day journaling your thoughts, feelings, or experiences. It can be a therapeutic way to process emotions and reflect on your journey.

  • Capture moments with your baby or explore creative photography as a way to express yourself.
By incorporating these pampering tips into your routine, you can nurture your own well-being and create small moments of joy and relaxation amidst the demands of new motherhood.